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We believe clients are looking for affordable, timely and sensible solutions to their individual environmental needs. A client needs a consultant who can listen and who can explain recommendations clearly, so the client knows what to expect before the project starts. Attention to detail, along with recognition of our clients' objectives, is at the very heart of our commitment to cost-effective and viable solutions to your most complex issues.


Asbestos, RADON, and Lead Services

SURVEYS are conducted prior to renovations or demolitions. BMEC's AHERA Certified Building Inspector will sample, identify, quantify and locate all Asbestos and Lead Materials that will be disturbed prior to the start of a project. This will be done according toin compliance with all federal and state regulations.This will be done according to all Federal and State Regulations.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT BMEC will provide bid documents for removal and help in the selection process along with oversight and monitoring during the removal process. We will provide the pertinent documentation required upon completion of the project.

REQUIRED EMPLOYEE TRAINING We offer required training for employees that are involved in construction where exposure to Asbestos or Lead may be possible. Asbestos Compliance Programs for buildings constructed prior to 1981 under OSHA Final Rule will provide current inventories, sampling of PACM (Presumed Asbestos Containing Material) and provide an understandable and workable Operations & Maintenance Program. BMEC will provide all the components to meet minimum compliance and manage Asbestos Containing Materials in place for the protection of all employees.

ANNUAL REINSPECTIONS and on-going compliance issue briefings are offered to maintain your program to offer maximum safety to all employees.

LABORATORY SERVICES are available to analyze suspect materials for Asbestos & Lead.

ABATEMENT CONTRACTORS are provided and approved for any remediation project.

RADON SERVICES BMEC provides radon sampling by a licensed radon sampling technician with complete reports and recommendations

RADON MITIGATION is supervised by a licensed radon mitigation supervisor, with follow-up sampling to insure mitigation to EPA standards.

Due Diligence

PHASE I ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS provide due diligence and safe harbor for properties being purchased. The Phase I ESA strictly adheres to the current ASTM standards regarding environmental concerns that may affect the value of the property and minimize the risk to the purchaser, with recommendations for compliance.

Phase II ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS will characterize the sites recommendations provided by the Phase I ESA. Phase II ESA's are physical investigations and sampling of recommended areas of concern, provided by the Phase I, to prove or disapprove the presence of environmental concerns and an estimation for the cost of clean-up or compliance if required.

Phase III & IV ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS provide cost analysis and project design for actual cleanup of contaminations or resolution of concerns along with compliance programs when necessary for the sale of the property in question.

Phase V ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENT is remediation management. BMEC provides on-site management of these cleanups and all reporting necessary for compliance with state and federal laws.

Underground Storage Tank Management

BMEC provides a wide range of underground storage tank (UST) services, including SOILS & MEDIA SAMPLING with Site Characterizations, RISK-BASED ASSESSMENTS for remediation, SITE REMEDIATION, CLOSURE MANAGEMENT and CLOSURE DOCUMENTATION Submittal.

BMEC works closely with a variety of licensed contractors to provide a variety of UST services, including sampling, compliance documentation and reporting, and electronic information entry with all the proper state, local, and federal authorities.


MOLD SURVEYS BMEC building inspectors will visually inspect the facility, identify specific fungal contaminantes (through lab analysis) and locate possible contamination problems.

PROJECT MANANGEMENT BMEC will provide bid documents for remediation and help in the selection process along with over site and monitoring during the abatement process. We will provide the pertinent documentation required upon completion of the project.

LABORATORY SERVICES are available to analyze bulk or air samples.

REMEDIATION CONTRACTORS are provided and approved for any remediation project.

Wastewater Services

INDUSTRIAL WASTE STREAM SAMPLING and Characterization including RCRA (The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and other hazardous materials.

We offer Process and Treatment Options and Alternatives.

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In addition to the expertise and excellent service you can expect from BMEC, we carry comprehensive Professional and Commercial Liability Insurance to ensure your safety and protection.

  • Professional Liability: Everest Indemnity Insurance Company

  • Commercial Liability: Everest Indemnity Insurance Company

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance: Everest Indemnity Insurance Company

  • $2,000,000 - Each Occurrence Professional Liability

  • $ 50,000 – Damage to Rented Premises

  • $ 5,000 - Medical Expense (Any one Person)

  • $2,000,000 - Personal & Advertising Liability

  • $2,000,000 - General Aggregate

  • $2,000,000 - Products/Completed Operations