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Environmental Safety Initiatives

BMEC's projects are specifically tailored to the unique needs of the client. We have a proven record of dedication to meeting – and exceeding – our clients' expectations by providing innovative, yet practical and cost-effective environmental consulting and testing services. Here are a few of our projects.


The Dalles Landfill Project

BMEC, Inc. has performed Project Management and Environmental Oversight for the investigation and closure of this property since 2009. We coordinated the environmental investigation and facilitated communication among the client, other team partners, regulatory agencies, and environmental contractors. BMEC performed limited soil cleanup and groundwater sampling at the site as part of the investigation, and quality control for all reports submitted to regulatory agencies. A No Further Action (NFA) ruling for this site is pending at the DEQ.

The Goldendale aluminum smelter Project

BMEC, Inc. has been performing the Project Management and Environmental Oversight during investigation and closure of the Goldendale Aluminum Smelter since 2010. The former Goldendale aluminum smelter was closed in 2003 and has been undergoing demolition for future property redevelopment.

The ongoing investigation addresses RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Solid Waste Management Units as well as other sources related to the previous operation of the Goldendale Aluminum Smelter. BMEC coordinates the environmental investigation and facilitates communication among the client, regulatory agencies, Klickitat County, The Yakama Indian Nations, and various environmental contractors.

BMEC performs ongoing sampling at the site as part of the investigation, and quality control for all reports submitted to regulatory agencies. Other responsibilities include monitoring and maintenance of previously closed hazardous waste impoundments at the site, including groundwater sampling and submission of annual reports.



LaFarge Corporation Projects

BMEC, Inc. performed site investigations for two sites in Toppenish and Centralia, Washington under consideration to be acquired by the LaFarge Corporation.

Both sites had been older industrial facilities and BMEC was the project manager for the site investigations, including soil and groundwater sampling.


Rite Aid / Grammor Projects


BMEC has performed site investigations for new Rite Aid store locations in in Richland, Kennewick, Kent, and Hoquiam, Washington. We were the project manager for these site investigations which all had former gas stations with petroleum releases, except the Steptoe-Kennewick location, which was clean.

Each site was guided through the DOE Voluntary Cleanup Program and the No Further Action (NFA) status was given for each site after four consecutive quarters of groundwater monitoring.

KENNEWICK STEPTOE STREET, WA: BMEC, Inc. was the project manager for the site closure of the gas station formerly located at the site.

HOQUIAM, WA: BMEC, Inc. was the project manager during the site closure of an old gas station, asbestos abatement and the demolition of five residential/commercial structures, the removal of five underground storage tanks from the gas station followed by soil remediation, monitoring well installation and groundwater monitoring after the site cleanup. We secured the No Further Action required status for our client in 2009.

KENT, WA: BMEC, Inc. was the project manager for the site cleanup and closure of the gas station formerly located at the site. The site went through the VCP program followed by the NFA in 2007.


Sterling Savings Bank

BMEC, Inc. performed the due diligence investigations and asbestos surveys, for most of Sterling Savings Bank's Oregon and Montana branches.

BMEC was the project manager for the site remediation at the Sterling branch in Colfax, Washington, which included UST (Underground Storage Tank) removal and decommissioning-in-place of one tank located under the building which included supporting the building structure with helical piers, removal of petroleum-contaminated soils, installation of groundwater monitoring wells with quarterly monitoring, and restoration of the site to original condition.