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Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting, Inc. opened its doors in 2000. Since then, we've facilitated hundreds of successful environmental safety projects for clients large and small. With more than 50 years of combined experience and a distributed team with diverse training and professional knowledge, we have the expertise you can rely on for your environmental safety project.

We believe in our client’s right to the best job we can do and are dedicated to providing economical solutions to environmental and occupational risk. Attention to detail, along with recognition of our clients' objectives, is at the very heart of our commitment to cost-effective and viable solutions to your most complex issues.


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Our Team

The Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting management team is involved in all daily decision-making functions, with hands on involvement with and throughout each project in order to assure timely and accurate execution of our mission - driving projects through to completion on time and on budget.


President | Director Of Operations | Controller

Kenneth Cole, Manager of Asbestos & Lead Compliance Division

Located in Waitsburg, WA | (509) 520-6519 | Email Ken

Mr. Cole has 22 years of construction experience, 16 years in nuclear power plant inspection, 4 years as QC manager on the Alaska Pipe Line, 3 years in home construction and 20 years in the environmental field. Mr. Cole's environmental experience includes project management, asbestos and leads surveys, documentation and report writing, air monitoring, compliance programs, training and remediation. With his knowledge in building construction and environmental experience he is uniquely qualified to provide our clients with thorough, cost effective and common sense solutions to these compliance issues.

Founder of Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting, Inc. 2000


Education & Training


AHERA Building Inspector Niosh 582



Senior Engineer |Quality Control | Safety Manager

Peter Trabusiner, Manager of Environmental Services Division

Located in Richland, WA | 509-521-6531 | Email Peter

Peter Trabusiner has over 40 years of engineering experience. He is experienced in indoor air quality studies, asbestos compliance, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Transaction Screens, Phase II - V subsurface site investigations, clean-ups, Site Classifications, Site Closures (gas station & dry cleaner sites), UST management, and has designed safety and spill prevention programs (food industry). He has the experience, knowledge and education to provide customers with common sense, cost effective and timely solutions to their individual environmental needs and goals.

Education & Training

B.S. Civil Engineering

B.S. Environmental Engineering

AHERA Building Inspector Underground Storage Tank (UST) Assessor, Licensed in Washington & Oregon
UST Decommissioning, Licensed Oregon
Soil Matrix Supervisor, Licensed Oregon




Yancy L. Meyer, Lead Environmental Professional

Located in Walla Walla, WA | 509-520-4416 |Email Yancy

Yancy Meyer has over 18 years experience in Phase I and Phase II work. His prior experience was as a chemist, both in food chemistry and environmental chemistry, specializing in wastewater. His area of expertise includes Industrial Pre-treatment, water and wastewater testing, and process control. Currently Mr. Meyer performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, asbestos surveys, radon sampling and mitigation, and Phase II and III cleanup on various residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Education & Training

B.S. Chemistry

40 hour HAZWOPER training
ABC Level II
Wastewater Operator Certification
First Aid & CPR training
AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector, Oregon Certified
Certified UST Decommissioning Supervisor
Oregon Certified Soil Matrix Supervisor
Washington State Certified Site Assessor
Certified Radon Sampling Technician
Certified Radon Mitigation Supervisor




Chad Kauppi

Located in Portland, OR | 509-520-8197 | Email Chad

Chad Kauppi has 16 years conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessment work throughout the Pacific Northwest. Over these years, he has been involved with Phase II fieldwork that includes groundwater analysis, soil sampling, the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs), and installation of groundwater monitoring wells. Mr. Kauppi has also recently been involved in project management of larger cleanup sites. He is a certified asbestos inspector and routinely consults with bankers, realtors, and other entities.

Education & Training

B.A. Environmental Policy & Planning - Minor in Environmental Science, Western Washington University - Huxley College of the Environment, 2002

40 hour HAZWOPER training
AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector
Oregon Certified UST Decommissioning Supervisor
Sustainable Building Adviser




Richard DeLorme

Located in Prosser, WA | 509-778-3869 | Email Richard

Richard Delorme is a Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, AHERA Building Inspector/Project Designer, Washington Department of Commerce Certified Lead Risk Assessor and Washington Certified Asbestos Supervisor. Richard has completed numerous IAQ assessments within the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, California, Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada areas. He is also experienced in developing detailed correction procedures for IQA deficiencies including mold infestations, overseeing health and safety issues during remedial activities and provide independent oversight for building owners. Richard is also proficient in asbestos and lead (Pb) issues such as building surveys, project design plans for abatement projects, abatement contractor appointment/oversight as well as third party independent air testing.


Education & Training

AHERA Certified Building Inspector/Project Designer-Current
Washington Department of Commerce Certified Lead Risk Assessor-Current
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant-ACAC-Current
Washington Certified Asbestos Supervisor-Current
AIHA Certificate in Building Science and HVAC Systems
AIHA Certificate in Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
IAQA Member
EMSL IAQ/IH Sampling Workshop 2008
Thermo Fisher Scientific Analyzer-Radiation Safety & Monitoring-Current
Alliance for Healthy Homes-Train the Trainer RRP
American First Aid & CPR Training



Registered Geologist, Professional Hydro-geologist

Brent Bergeron

Brent Bergeron has over 28 years of experience in the environmental arena. His strengths involve the supervision of field crews during the investigation and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater; completion of corrective action plans, conceptual site models, hydrogeological reports, underground storage tank site sampling and risk-based closures, health and safety awareness, and quality assurance and quality control. Successful interaction with Environmental Administrative personnel in Washington and Oregon, knowledge of the Oregon RBDM regulations, Oregon Soil Matrix Cleanup Levels, Washington Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Cleanup Regulations, Phase I environmental site assessments, and the decommissioning of heating oil tanks (Oregon HOT licensed). Mr. Bergeron also has supervised dozens of subsurface field sampling investigations involving chlorinated solvents and heavy metals.

Education & Training

M.S. Geology (Environmental)

B.S. Geology, Math Minor

Registered Geologist, State of Oregon, # G1959
Professional Geologist, State of Washington, # 2267

8-hr OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher Training
Washington UST Supervisor License
Oregon Heating Oil Tank Supervisor License
40-hr OSHA HAZWOPER Training


Certified AHERA Inspector

Caris Lynch

Caris is a certified AHERA inspector and has more than a year of experience doing environmental inspections and asbestos surveys. Ms. Lynch also assists with corporate office duties including payroll and billing.

Education & Training

AHERA Certified Building Inspector



Director of Marketing

Troy Larsen

Troy has 7 years experience with the company establishing relationships with clients and marketing the services provided by BMEC.

509-386-8401 | Email Troy

Education & Training

B.S. Excercise Physiology, Minor in Business Administration

Xcenda - Account Management Certified
Pinsonalt/ArtSci - Account Management Certified